Press Releases

CBU Faculty present at Folklore Studies Association Meeting

CBU had a notable presence at this year’s Folklore Studies Association of Canada (FSAC) meeting. The meeting was held in conjunction with the congress of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The conference was held at the University of Ottawa from May 30 – June, 2015.

Dr. Ronald Labelle, associate professor of French was the first to present his research on FSAC and the study of fairy tales. “The paper highlights the research trends that have appeared and disappeared since 1977, and traces the evolution of fairy tale research as a field of study in Canada,” said Ronald.

Dr. Ian Brodie, associate professor of Folklore was the next to present. His paper was entitled On the Road with ‘West Meets East’: Stand-up Comedians Localising Strategies in Small Markets.

Dr. Jodi McDavid and Stephanie McCormick, a major research projects officer and director and a coordinator presented their paper entitled The Cooperative Study Club: Mediating Knowledge for and with Folk Groups. They look at the Cooperative Study Club as a case study and examine how folklorists can impact their communities and embrace interdisciplinarity.

Cyril MacDonald presented his research on the cultural change among Jewish Immigrants to Cape Breton from 1880 to1920. “With the movement of migrants, there is a movement of culture and belief systems,” says Cyril. “This paper examines the effects of such movement on the Jewish immigrants to Cape Breton between the years 1880 to 1920.

Finally, Nicole MacDougall, a CBU graduate presented her paper entitled Creating Safe Spaces to Reveal Violent Places: Theatre, Place and Violence Against Women in Cape Breton. Her paper investigates the ways performance can reveal stories within a community that do not fit with the dominate narrative of place.

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