The Steering Committee will drive the strategic planning process. It will serve as the larger advisory group, taking a leadership role throughout the entire process. Members will be hands-on, facilitating and leading discussions, providing feedback, and serving as points of contact to faculty, staff, students, alumni, Board members, and the community.

Steering Committee

David C. Dingwall, President – Co-Chair
Dr. Vielka Salazar – Co-Chair
Dr. Dale Keefe – Provost & Vice-President Academic
Dr. Rod Nicholls – Faculty Advisor
Dr. Andy Parnaby – Academic Leader Representative
Derrick Hayes – Chair, Senate
Dr. Geoff Carre – Chair, Planning & Review, Senate
Dr. Erna MacLeod – Senate Representative
Dr. Mary Keating – Senate Representative
Mary Jane Morrison – Senate Representative
Bernie MacLennan – Senate Representative
Dr. Audrey Walsh – Senate Representative
Dr. Tom Urbaniak – Senate Representative
Calvin Howley – CBUFA Representative
Bill Bailey – NSGEU Representative
Darren MacKinnon – CUPE Representative
Parteek Brar (Gunny) – Student Representative
Nagy Abdou – Student Representative
Ann Denny – Non-union Representative
Michael Sandalis – Board of Governors Representative