2023 Career Fair at CBU

Career/Job Fair


May 2, 2023

Sullivan Field House

Don’t forget your resume!

How to Navigate a Career Fair

  • Think about your job and/or career goals-specifically target which employers you want to meet. Avoid visiting every employer
  • Ensure you have enough copies of your resume
  • Your resume should be impeccable. Spelling, grammar and neatness count
  • Present yourself as you would for an interview…dress for the job
  • Be polite-wait for your turn to speak (employers will notice this)
  • Thank the employer for their time
  • Be familiar with the employers to ensure you are targeting effectively…do your research!
  • Make good notes-document which employers you spoke with and be sure to include any feedback and/or follow-up instructions
  • If you are directed to submit an application/resume online, do so as soon as possible.
  • Prepare an elevator pitch:
    • Introduce yourself,
    • Mention your program of study
    • Describe the type of work being sought (summer, internship, co-op, full time?)
    • End by outlining what you can do for them (past experiences/education and other relevant information)

Remember to smile 😊!!!