Upcoming Events

CBU Library Hosts – A Space for Research

Location: CBU Library Each year, the CBU Library hosts an informal gathering of students, staff, and faculty, where CBU researchers talk about some of the interesting and diverse research being published at Cape Breton University. This year the CBU Library will also launch CBU Scholar which provides access to the publications and contributions of CBU Faculty and students’. Stay tuned More »

Remembering and Forgetting: Usages of the Past in Constructions of the Present

Location: CS 101  “Envisioning the Post-industrial City: The Sydney Steel Museum and the Pitfalls of Industrial Heritage in Deindustrialized Spaces”  Presenter:    Dr. Lachlan MacKinnon (Cultural & Creative Studies)  “Local Food, Memory, and Cultural Production in Cape Breton”   Presenter:    Dr. Erna MacLeod (Communities & Connections)  “A rotten deal since Confederation and we know it”: The Sydney Steel Crisis of 1967 and the Regional Politics More »

Career Fair

Career Fair The Annual Job/Career Fair will be held on campus on Wednesday, March 7th, 2018, in the Great Hall. Join us at the upcoming Career Fair for your chance to be entered in a draw to win a $500 tuition waiver!* Any students needing assistance with resume preparation or career services, contact Mike MacIsaac, he is available to More »

Fan Fiction Phenomena

Location: CS 101 This will be a selection of short presentations/papers adapted from material produced for ENGL3701: Fan Fiction. It will include some original research on modes of fan-creation inspired by interactive games, a discussion of Harry Potter as a ‘Gary Stu,’ and potentially a consideration of bandoms and other topics. 

Mi’kmaw and Indigenous Research Symposium

This day long event will bring together CBU researchers and community-based partners to present and discuss research collaborations in Unama’ki and beyond. For more information and to RSVP please contact emily_root@cbu.ca. 

Outreach as Service – but is it research?

Location: CE 314 Dr. Kathy Snow (Education), Dr. Stephanie MacQuarrie (Chemistry) and Dr. Katherine Jones (Biology) will each speak to how certain areas of service often require or consist of significant research efforts. Part panel, part roundtable, this session will ask how this type of service is currently viewed. Time will be allotted in this session for More »

Mountains and Mussels

Location: CS 101 “Freshwater Mussels and Potable Water Supplies: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship” Presenter:    Prof. Kellie White (Biology)  “New problems in old mountains; what did Canada look like 1.8 billion years ago?” Presenter:    Dr. Deanne van Rooyen (Geology)  “De novo draft genome assembly of the South American electric fish Brachyhypopomus gauderio“ Presenter:    Dr. Vielka Salazar (Biology) 

An Open Book: Education, Teaching, Learning and Leaving

Location: CS 101 “Thinking Government: Planning and Developing the 5th edition of a Textbook” Presenters:    Dr. David Johnson (Communities & Connections)                          Alana Lawrence (Communities & Connections)  “Pink shirts in Cape Breton: Straight allies in education” Presenter:    Dr. Leigh Potvin (Communities & Connections)  “Morphological awareness as a longitudinal predictor of children’s reading comprehension” Presenter:    Dr. Erin Robertson (Psychology)   “When getting an education means leaving home: the factors impacting Inuit More »

Cape Breton’s Marine Ecosystems

Location: CS 101 The Bras d’Or Institute has conducted research in Cape Breton’s marine ecosystems since 1974. The current focus is on measuring and modelling change in our coastal and offshore ecosystems to assist human adaptation. in this educating session, members of the Bras d’Or Institute team will present vignettes of our discoveries and contributions in the More »