World Tourism Day Celebrated at CBU

The Tourism Management Department of CBU’s Shannon School of Business is preparing to celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27 with the theme of Linking Cultures.  

World Tourism Day is recognized each year on September 27by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in an effort to highlight the industry’s vital economic contributions as well as positive cultural impacts achieved when bringing people together from across the globe.

CBU’s Tourism Management Program is marking World Tourism Day with the launch of Tourism Tides, a department newsletter, aimed at students and industry partners. A Facebook group will also be introduced which will act as a social media resource offering links for students to tourism news, trends, research, career opportunities and current happenings from around the world.

 “It is important that the tourism management program reflects the challenges and opportunities of today’s fastest growing global industry,” says John MacKinnon, Dean of Shannon School of Business. “The program focus has changed over the years to meet the changing demands of the tourism sector – both at home and farther afield. The growth in student numbers, the increased participation of international students and the successful careers of our graduates show we are on the right track.”

The three-year Bachelor of Hospitality Tourism degree includes two work-term components, leveraging classroom studies with valuable industry experience. The program’s popularity continues to grow particularly with international students. CBU President, John Harker, is pleased with the program success and sees even greater opportunities for the future. “As the World Tourism Day theme aptly states, Linking Cultures is what we are achieving at Cape Breton University. Our program offers what students and employers are seeking – a well rounded, culturally diverse educational experience. Global tourism performance has maintained momentum regardless of economic uncertainty and the demand for qualified tourism managers continues to grow, which bodes well for the BHTM program at CBU.” 

Official celebrations for World Tourism Day are being held this year in Egypt, where tourism attracts millions of visitors each year and whose industry is responsible for 12 per cent of its GDP. The UNWTO reports that international tourism revenue grew in 2010 by 7 per cent generating US$ 919 billion in export earnings with continued growth forecast for 2011.