Women in Science and Engineering: Corrine McIsaac

Corrine with App copyThe science of the body, physiology, problem solving, outcome measurement and lending a helping hand is what led Corrine McIsaac, Associate Professor in Nursing, to the field of science.

Corrine has been with CBU for 16 years and says she really enjoys absolutely everything about her career. Corrine finds her research the most exciting aspect, as it has led to the development and commercialization of technology for the health care sector.

“I have taken every opportunity my career in science has afforded me. I have spent much of my career in research and education, and the research I have conducted at CBU has led to the development of e-health tools, helping people get better quicker at a lower cost,” says Corrine.

As for the career options in the nursing fields, Corrine says the opportunities are endless. “Direct patient care, quality management, patient safety, administration, leadership, research education and innovation, the opportunities are endless,” she says.

Corrine says that science, whether it is nursing, medicine, direct science or computer science, opens a plethora of doors for career opportunities. “Dream it and it can happen in the field of science,” she adds.

“The field of science is a great career option as it holds so many opportunities for a successful career. If you want it, go after it, and do not let anyone say you can’t do it because you can. Dream big, a career in science can make those dreams come true,” Corrine says.

CBU’s annual Women in Science and Engineering event will be held on April 2, from 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. in the Verschuren Centre, including a free lunch and plenty of fun science exercises. Junior/high school students and early university-aged young women will have the chance to meet more role models like Corrine, receive free swag and find out all about the endless opportunities in the field of science. Pre-registration is required. You can find the form on the Women in Science Event Page.