Updates from Canadian International College (CIC) in Egypt

February 14th, 2011…As the historic events of the past few weeks have unfolded in Cairo, Cape Breton University has watched and worried, hoped and cheered, along with the 2,400 students at our partner campus, the Canadian International College (CIC) in New Cairo, Egypt, and approximately 100 Egyptian students studying here in Sydney.

On the day of the Mubarak resignation, President Harker was informed by Dr. El Kady, CIC President, that for the 18 days leading up to that event, some 150 CIC students and staff were active in Tahrir Square, tasked with organizing the protestors for safe withdrawal in the event of army or police attacks against them.

Even during the most extreme moments of protest, the CIC were utilizing social media to update their current and prospective students, encouraging them to have patience that soon classes and advising would be back on schedule. In addition to their college related posts, the Facebook wall has been exciting to follow with posts such as:

February 13: Can you feel the freedom?
February 13: A new day, a new beginning, a new vision, a new EGYPT 🙂
February 11: God Bless Egypt!
February 11: Egypt just made history – united the Egyptian people are unstoppable!

On Sunday 20th February, CIC is commemorating those who gave their lives for freedom with a minute of silence at 11am as a demonstration of respect. They are encouraging students, faculty and staff to wearing the national colours, red, black & white in commemoration of those who gave their lives for Egypt and to celebrate their new found freedom.

On this Valentine’s Day, we want to send our warmest wishes to the students, faculty and staff at CIC and to those studying here in Sydney. More information on the CIC can be found at www.cic-cairo.com/ <http://www.cic-cairo.com/>