Student-led Production, the Dreams of Johny Brown, hits the Boardmore

Johny Brown

Aravind Bharathy, or “Johny Brown”, as the Player King in the Boardmore Theatre’s production of Hamlet.

From Wednesday, May 18, to Saturday, May 21, 2016, The Dreams of Johny Brown, a theatrical spectacle told through music and dance, hits the stage of the Cape Breton University Boardmore Playhouse. Showtimes are at 7 p.m.

Star of the play, Aravind Bharathy, who also goes by the stage name of Johny Brown, not only performs in the show, but also choreographed it, arranged the music, and spent late nights at the Playhouse painting the set.

Bharathy describes the story of Johny who, while questing for happiness in life, encounters a wizard in a dark forest. The wizard tells Johny if he drinks from the water from a magical well, Johny will have his three most cherished dreams come true: to be a world famous actor; to be the leader of a nation; to share one more visit with the ghost of his beloved wife. The wizard also tells Johny the fulfillment of these wishes comes with a heavy price.

This is Bharathy’s second production at the Boardmore. In March of this year, he, along with an ensemble cast of local performers, staged Balcony, a well-received allegorical dance extravaganza about a young man finding the inspiration to aspire to great things in the trash (and people) that others discard.

Bharathy came to Cape Breton from Southern India to study mechanical engineering but found a chance to further his acting ambitions at the CBU Boardmore Theatre. He had a featured role as the Player King in the Boardmore’s recent production of Hamlet.

While pursuing further studies in petroleum engineering, Bharathy is also looking to move Hollywood and establish a movie career. He says that has been his own dream since he used to sneak off to see the movie musical spectaculars of the prolific Indian film industry. He even confesses to dipping into his father’s wallet to finance a trip to the cinema only to find on arrival he had not “borrowed” enough rupees for the admission price.

Bharathy is already planning his next production, Queen of 7th Planet, for August, and is looking for anyone who might be interested in assisting that production either onstage or off. He can be reached at

Tickets for The Dreams of Johny Brown are available at the door the night of each performance and are $10 general admission and free for people with disabilities.