Sheila Christia Reinvigorates Passion for Research through Theatre

Sheila Christie, Associate Professor of English, studies how theatre can be used to achieve practical outcomes ranging from social development and cohesion to specific, individual skills and self-awareness. Her work will allow her to offer a unique learning opportunity during an interactive sabbatical presentation as part CBU’s Research Month.

Participants in the March 2 workshop will have an opportunity to reconnect with their own motivations for research and to clarify their research goals. “It can be a challenge for researchers to see how their work intersects with the work of others, especially because the language we use to talk about our work can be quite specialized,” says Sheila. “In this workshop we translate our goals and motivations into a common theatrical language which can help us see what our work has in common, instead of what makes it different.”

A unique perspective to how one often thinks about research, Sheila ultimately wants to reinvigorate a passion for research. “CBU faculty and other artists and intellectuals in our community have persevered through a lot of challenges,” says Sheila.  “Sometimes we need to take time to remember why we do this work, what drives our passion to learn and understand the world around us.”

In Sheila’s eyes theatre can be a tool for shifting the stories we tell ourselves, a means of changing the narratives that define us and says that she  wanted to share what she learned on her recent  sabbatical in a more engaging way than a traditional talk, to foster an even healthier, and more supportive research culture at CBU. Sheila goes on to say, “The only requirements for this workshop are curiosity and a willingness to try something new. Curiosity is the spark of all research, so if you’re curious, you’re a researcher. You don’t need credentials or theatre experience – just a willing spirit!”

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