Sexual Violence Prevention Update

Today, the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee released its report, Changing the Culture of Acceptance, which includes in 10 recommendations that are intended to shift the culture in which sexual violence exists, and to support Nova Scotia universities in advancing their efforts to prevent sexual violence on campus. Cape Breton University joins all universities across the province in supporting the report and will use the recommendations to build on the work already underway to prevent sexual violence on its campus.

“The effective prevention of sexual violence and protection of students are important priorities to Cape Breton University and we fully-endorse the Report’s ten recommendations. I am pleased to see that many programs and policies currently in place at CBU align with the recommendations. Moving forward, we will establish an advisory committee whose work will be guided by the Report, which will help us continue to provide a safe and respectful campus to our community,” says Dale Keefe, President and Vice-Chancellor, CBU.

CBU was among the first in Nova Scotia to implement a stand-alone sexual violence policy in 2016. This policy outlines the university’s commitment to raise awareness and educate about sexual violence, to prevent sexual violence, to reduce the risk of sexual violence incidents, to promote a consent culture, and to respond to the needs in our community for support and empowerment.

Since then, we have also implemented Bystander Training for our community and have made it mandatory for all Resident Advisors (RA’s). With ongoing harm reduction and education campaigns such as the #CBUstandsup campaign (a pledge campaign against sexual assault) we continue to work toward an even safer campus.

For more information, please visit our Safety and Respect Hub.