Saman Amin, The Ups and Downs of Supply Chain Management

Saman Amin

Saman Amin, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management in the Shannon School of Business, recently presented his work “A Proposed Model for Global Forward and Reverse Supply Chains” at Research Month events this March.

Saman defines Supply Chain Management (SCM) as the management of the flow of goods and services. He says it includes the movement and storage of products from point of origin to point of consumption, and a typical supply chain includes suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and customers.

Saman has been with CBU for eight months now and says he enjoys his research because of the reality behind it. “Most of the problems are real, companies encounter them every day. Large retailers, such as Walmart, should decide about order quantities of the products and managing their inventory to minimize costs,” Saman says.

Saman conducts his research by collecting data, developing mathematical models, and solving problems by software. He then analyzes the results, and in some projects, utilizes surveys and questionnaires to find managerial insight.

In addition to Saman’s independent research, he is receiving some help on a part-time basis from two student researchers. Ning Yan, Master of Business Administration (MBA) student, and Danielle Morris, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student, are conducting a SWOT analysis of SCM on Cape Breton Island.

The research Saman presented at Research Month is a deeper look into reverse supply chains. “In addition to traditional supply chains, sometimes reverse supply chains exist. For example, some products can be returned by customers to be remanufactured or recycled,” Saman says, adding that he describes a mathematical model for the problem during his presentation.

Saman notes that there are several careers and opportunities related to supply chain management such as supply chain analyst, inventory manager, and procurement manager.