Research at CBU – CBC Series

Listen to CBU faculty and students as they share their interesting research with CBC Information Morning Cape Breton. Check back monthly for a new segment.

How Mountain Belts are Formed

Professor Deanne van Rooyen discusses the interesting work she's doing in the field of geology.  She's working with the Geological Survey of Canada to analyze the geology in Northern Quebec to figure out how mountain belts are formed.  Listen here.

CBU's Traveling Theatre Company

Todd Hiscock is the Director of the Boardmore Theatre at Cape Breton University.  He tells us about an educational touring company they've formed, and what productions they have planned. Listen here.

Nature Sounds and their Affect on Heart Rate

Science with real heart… we look at the work being done involving nature sounds and their affect on your heart rate.  Michael Wall has just completed his fourth year of study in an honours psychology program at Cape Breton University, and he's presenting his research at the launch of the summer student lecture series.  Listen here.

Taking Care Of Business

With the emphasis on entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia, Shannon School of Business at Cape Breton University has named David Rae as its NEW Dean. He specializes in entrepreneurship training and will assume his post on July 1st.  Listen here.

Math Anxiety

Meet, Maureen Findlayson, the professor who's been studying math anxiety and advises on how teachers can help students overcome it. Listen here.

Critiquing and Defending the Provincial Budget

Politically it's her budget and hers to defend when it comes to the choices this government has made. We speak with Minister Whalen about some of those choices, and get reaction from Professor Tom Urbaniak. Listen here.

Nano Technology

A research project at Cape Breton University is working on a weapon in the war against cancer. We hear how nano-technology could have a large impact on patient care. Listen here.

Antartic Research

In our continuing CBU Research series, we meet new faculty member Pat Maher who recently spent time on the Antarctic Peninsula for his on-going, ice-related research. He tells us about his trips there and why he is captivated by the Antarctic region.  (runs 12:18)  Listen here.

Happy Feet

Why walking and biking to school with your children creates positive emotions. Catherine O'Brien, an Associate Professor in the Education Department at the School of Professional Studies at CBU, explains.

Parade of Concern

Shining the light on a dark day in Cape Breton history. CBU Professor Andy Parnaby has been peering into Cape Breton's past and studying "Black Friday" and the "1967 Parade of Concern"

Vile and Vagabond Forever

All that glitters is not gold, but it is good research. We chat with CBU professor Todd Pettigrew who's giving a sabbatical presentation on Shylock from Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice"

CBU Research – Ashlee Cunsolo Willox

In our on-going series about research at CBU, we speak with Ashlee Cunsolo Willox who is part of a project researching the affect of climate change on mental health.

CBU Research – Kristy Bryson

Meet a CBU researcher who wants to know why the more options we have, the harder it is for us to decide what we want. Its the paradox of choice. Kristy Bryson studies decision making.

CBU Research – Studying Fairies

We meet a Cape Breton University grad who's off to Edinburgh, Scotland to pursue her Masters degree. Her field of study? …Fairies. Mariah Hudec tells us why she's studying the belief in fairies

CBU Research – Laura Perry

Laura Perry is researching canine ear infections.

CBU Research – Megan MacDonald

What makes real people heroic?

CBU Research – Nicole Landry

Going with the flow… meet Nicole Landry, a chemical engineering student at CBU, who's part of a research study to figure out how to get oil out of the ground in Alberta, more easily.

CBU Research – Amy MacDonald

On our CBU research column, meet Amy MacDonald, a student who studied bringing history to life at the Fortress of Louisbourg through the eyes of women who work there. The research for her undergraduate thesis won her a Master's scholarship.

CBU Research: Amanda Pierce

Introducing heritage and culture in the classroom, through art.

Deodorized and medicated fish

Eating fish is healthy.  Taking medicine is healthy, too.  But how healthy is it when fish start ingesting the medications and personal care products we consume?  Dr. Ken Oakes is looking into that and shares his findings.

CBU Research – Bettina Callary

A love of downhill skiing helped Bettina Callary reach the very pinnacle of coaching. The former elite ski coach is now a Cape Breton University Professor, she is teaching Sport and Human Kinetics in the Community Studies Department.

CBU Bienvenue

Hear a feature conversation with one of the newest faces on the campus of Cape Breton University, Professor Ronald Labelle. He is a professor of French at CBU, and he wants to learn more about the Acadian community in the CBRM, as well.

Scanning Mi'kmaq Resources

We conclude our summer series on research on the campus of Cape Breton University with 2nd year BA student Suzanne Patles. She describes her project of doing an environmental scan of Mi'kmaq language teaching materials.

Cultural Web Portal

As part of our summer series on research at CBU, we hear about the creation of an innovative website that traces and celebrates the Eastern European cultures that helped shape our Island from researcher Marcia Ostashewski.

High Anxiety

Research is one of the pillars that supports the halls of higher education. A Cape Breton University grad, Brittany Morrison, talks about her work on anxiety and how it affects the way we communicate, in our special summer-time series on research at CBU.

CBU Research – SHIMI

Mental illness, affordable housing, and interesting research being done on the two topics at Cape Breton University, as our summer series on CBU research continues.

Civic Engagement Research

Community minded. We find out about research underway to help young people connect with their communities in the CBRM. Cape Breton University grad Grace MacNeil has been helping with the Civic Engagement project happening at CBU.

Countermine Tunnel

As part of our continuing series about research at Cape Breton University, we speak to CBU grad Daniel Pitcher concerning his studies of a countermine tunnel beyond the walls at Fortress of Louisbourg.

Sleep and Memory

A good night's sleep can be good for your memory. We find out why from recent CBU graduate Kevin MacDonald in our on-going series on interesting and innovative research being done at Cape Breton University.

Co-operative Benefits

In our on-going series about research being done at Cape Breton University, Professor Catherine Leviten-Reid explains her studies into how co-operative ventures benefit their users in a number of ways. 

Sharp Thinking

Our feature on Research at Cape Breton University continues, today, we focus on injection drug users and how a network of volunteers are helping them stay safe. The research project pairs CBU with Addiction Services.

Pardon My French

Dr. Bernard Mulo Farenkia is a linguistics professor at Cape Breton University who's studying how being polite varies in different forms of French in Cameroon, Canada and France.

Liquid Language

In our on-going look at interesting and innovative research being done at Cape Breton University, we meet Professor Dana Mount who's been looking at the words the world uses when discussing water and the impact of that. And she's prepared a document for the United Nations on the topic

Applied Psychology

Professor Heather Schmidt talks about her research methods in a discipline called community psychology in this column featuring research projects at Cape Breton University.

Cheryl Bartlett – CBC Leadership Series

Dr. Cheryl Bartlett has become an educational innovator by marrying ancient knowledge with Western Science. She's one of the founders of the Integrative Science Program at Cape Breton University, a program that's unique in Canada and the world for incorporating aboriginal knowledge with standard science curriculum.

Dr. Bartlett holds the Tier One Canada Research Chair in Integrative Science, a seven year renewable grant worth 1.4 million dollars. And, she's also part of a research team that's been awarded a Canadian Institutes of Health Research grant of 1 million dollars for Aboriginal Health Research.

Dr. Bartlett grew up in Duchess, Alberta.

Civic Minding

Meet a Cape Breton University professor who's received a social sciences grant to study how youth understand civic engagement. Dr. Tanya Brann Barrett explains what she hopes to find in the research.

Her Daily Bread

Cape Breton University student Nicole MacDougall is studying references to grain in a series of medieval plays called "The Chester Cycle", we find out why, in our CBU Summer Research series.

Facing The Music

Meet Heather Sparling, a Professor at Cape Breton University, who's been studying songs about disasters and what they tell us about the way we grieve, as our summer series on research at CBU continues.

The Business Of Community Groups

Cape Breton University researcher Amanda Tarr from Sydney is working on a study that's looking at a a sector of the Nova Scotian economy that's often overlooked – the social and community enterprise sector.

Liquid Molecules

In our summer research series, we meet Dale Keefe, a Professor of Chemistry, and the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at CBU, and student Margaret Gillis, they are studying molecular interactions in liquids.

Search And Assist

Mapping the future by preserving the past. As part of her summer research job, Heather Green is a CBU grad who's getting hundreds of maps in order at the Beaton Institute to make them more user friendly.

Making Research Waves

Bruce Hatcher is the Chair of the Bras d'Or Institute at Cape Breton University, we find out how the designation of the Bras d'Or Lake as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve will affect their work at the Institute, as our summer series on research continues.

From South Africa To CB

Dr. Sean Modesto is the new Chair of the Biology Department at CBU. He has just returned from a sabbatical where he spent time in South Africa investigating extinctions that happened millions of years ago, even before the dinosaurs.

Living Near Living History

Emily MacLeod is a master's student at Concordia University, a CBU alumnus and the student research coordinator at Cape Breton University this summer. She wants to know how people in Louisbourg interpret their own history living in the shadow of a Parks Canada National Historic Site.

Minding Her Ps and Qs

Dr. Erin Robertson is a Psychology Professor at Cape Breton University who's putting a scientific twist on the study of grammar. She's doing research this summer by studying peoples brains as they detect errors in grammar.

Itching To Know

Samantha Lawrence is a recent graduate of Cape Breton University. She has a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in biology. Currently, she is studying the family of parasites that cause swimmers itch, meet her in our continuing series on summer research at CBU.

A Bridge To The Past

In our continuing series about summer research at CBU, Professor Ian Brodie and research student Jessie MacDonald are studying when the high school tradition of painting the Sydney River Trestle started… we ask them what they know so far and why they want to know more.

Speaking About Public Speaking

A Cape Breton University researcher, Rebecca Blackie, speaks about her findings when it comes to anxiety surrounding public speaking.