Refreshed Mission, Vision and Values Statements for Cape Breton University

The Cape Breton University (CBU) Board of Governors’ approval of new mission, vision and values statements complements the ongoing transformation that has been unfolding on the CBU campus. The Board approved the motion late last month during its final meeting of the 2011-12 academic year.

“In an uncertain climate like that of the post-secondary sector in Nova Scotia, universities need to be innovative in how they approach issues and attract students and it is clear that Cape Breton University has evolved in many respects.  CBU is financially stable, adding market-relevant programs and meeting student needs with new infrastructure. We are maintaining our commitment to the Cape Breton community while being globally-minded in what we do. The new mission, vision and values statements are reflective of that, of where we have come as a post-secondary institution, and where we are going. Focus is being placed on research excellence, the opportunities that Cape Breton’s unique position and rich resources present and providing the services and facilities necessary to create an environment where all learners can thrive,” says Dr. Keith G. Brown, Vice-President External, Cape Breton University.

Cape Breton University was founded on the premise that it would be a post-secondary institution committed to supporting the academic pursuits of local students as well as the broader Cape Breton community. The updated mission, vision and values statements have not abandoned this promise, but rather have expanded the university’s pillars to represent the current CBU experience and the impact changing needs have had upon the campus.  CBU continues to fulfill its pledge to the Cape Breton community through a variety partnerships and collaborative research initiatives locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Most importantly, CBU remains the university of choice for Cape Breton high school students and has increased its fundraising and scholarship offerings significantly, making it an attractive choice for high school graduates. In its efforts to attract international students from more than 30 countries, CBU took a leadership role among its peers in Atlantic Canada and consequently has created a diverse and appealing student body where all students learn both formally and informally about wide ranging cultures and values.

In recent years, the CBU campus has also seen major infrastructure expansion with the addition of Harriss Hall, the Cape Breton Health Recreation Complex, the Verschuren Centre and the soon-to-open Shannon School of Business building. Additionally, campus spaces have been revitalized with changes conducive to student support and academic success. These enhancements are indicative of CBU’s changing environment and focus on meeting the needs of the entire campus community. 

At the core, the statements demonstrate CBU’s commitment to respect and support the Cape Breton community and its vibrant cultures while continuing to nurture innovative research and education that resonate local to global.

“The process involved an internal review, with significant discussions that engaged several departments and senior administration, with most of the work being completed and led by Vice-President Academic, Dr. Robert Bailey. The new statements are a result of insight and understanding, progressive thinking and global awareness,” says Brown.

The updated mission, vision and values statements can be read at