Rachael MacInnis – Finding a Natural Fit in Nursing


Rachael (front left) poses with her CBU Orange Army pals

Rachael MacInnis grew up with a large extended family. It was that upbringing that confirmed for her that she wanted to work with varied groups of people when she began her career.

“Growing up in a large extended family helped me realize how much I wanted to work with people of different ages and be able to be part of the health care system,” says Rachael. “I’ve had family members in the care of nurses and I’ve seen how much of a positive impact they make when one is in need of medical care.”

Rachael began the BScN program directly out of high school and though it took some getting used to, she is thrilled with her choice, saying, “It was quite the adjustment, but I knew it was right for me as the program progressed. Nursing is such a rewarding career, it gives so much opportunity for employment and it is an ongoing learning experience in its diversity.”

Though Rachael found that all of her clinical experiences were educational and interesting in their own right, she seems to have found her niche on obstetrics.

“I always knew I wanted to work with children and I realized my greatest interest is obstetrics,” says Rachael. “When we had our clinical rotation on the Mom and Baby unit in third year I knew instantly that it was where I wanted to work. During my studies I found a passion for women and infant’s health and I would love to pursue a career there.”

Rachael is now preparing to graduate in the spring and begin working as a Registered Nurse. She says, “I constantly feel rewarded helping people when I’m a student working in clinical practice twice a week, so I can’t wait for that to be a part of my daily routine.”

As for those who are thinking about a career in Nursing, Rachael provides some sage advice, saying, “Stay focused, keep on top of your schoolwork and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You will see how much all the work is worth it in the end!”