Political Science student Riley Hill finds musical inspiration in Caper Radio’s GobbleFest

Gobblefest is an annual Indie music event coordinated by the CBU Student’s Union. Each year, bands perform in concerts spread over three days, where audiences can hear the masterpieces that local musicians have created. Proceeds from the event will go toward equipment which will allow CBU’s Radio station, Caper Radio, to have a bigger reach into the community. The talent includes some familiar faces which you may have seen on the island, including one musician and third-year political science student named Riley Hill, from Cheticamp Nova Scotia.

You may have seen Riley perform at Gobblefest in previous years. His interest in music began early in his life, when he would write songs as jokes to be shared with friends. He first picked up a guitar at age 17, which led him to create more serious music. “I played it hilariously out of tune and I muted most of the strings without even realizing it,” says Riley. “From then on it just clicked why songwriting was so much fun.”

Riley is a big believer in using music to cope with what’s going on in his life. He strives for sincerity in what he writes and has a goal of being relatable to others. “I feel like for as long as I have feelings that I want to relate to others, I’ll always be writing songs,” he says.

When reminiscing about his first Gobblefest experience, Riley recalls being blown away by the originality onstage, and meeting new people. “The host not only introduced me to a group of people I felt I could finally fit in with and a scene that inspired me, but became one of my closest friends,” says Riley. “As a musician, it was exciting seeing that my style of music could be appreciated. While I had never played at Gobblefest, it’s what inspired me to start playing my own shows.”

Riley strives to help others cope with their own problems in the music he writes. “My goal is to make people feel a little less lonely in what weird societal and self-sabotaging obstacles they have to deal with,” says Riley. “Above all else, I want to make people feel better about being themselves, and to know that their feelings and experiences mean a great deal to this world.”
Not only is Riley a local musician on the rise, but he also has big career aspirations outside of music and plans to become a teacher or social worker.

Gobblefest runs from October 6-8 in various locations. For more information on Gobblefest and showtimes please visit their facebook page.