Philosophy Café: Is God Morally Obliged to Hide?

The first Philosophy Café of the New Year is set for this Saturday, January 31 at 11 a.m. at the Co-operative Study Club, New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation. Presented by Cape Breton University’s (CBU) Philosophy Department, a new approach to understanding God will be debated. Dr. Jim Gerrie, an Associate Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies at CBU, will lead what is sure to be a lively discussion and will raise some novel ideas to consider.

The discussion will begin with J. L. Schellenberg’s provocative argument from divine hiddenness for unbelief in the God of traditional theism and respond to it based on some recent findings in physical cosmology, astronomy and physics. 

Briefly, Schellenberg’s argument is that God deciding not to clearly manifest herself to intelligent beings might lead some of those beings to commit the mistake of not believing in God, thus denying them the possibility of having a genuine relationship and since there is no obvious moral reason for a God with the characteristics of a loving parent to do this, there must actually be no such God. Schellenberg is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Mount St. Vincent University.  He is the author of Divine Hiddenness and Human Reason (1993).

Dr. Gerrie will focus on how the possibility of Multiple Universes radically changes the context of all such traditional arguments about the existence of God.  “Given these upheavals in our world view, I hope for a discussion cackling with synergistic ideas between science, philosophy, and theology,” says Dr. Gerrie.  

This event is free and all are welcome to attend. Open discussion is encouraged.  For more information find the Philosophy Café event listing on Facebook.