New Novel Chronicles Deportation-era Family

The life of Jeanne Dugas of Acadia

A new true life fiction novel from Cape Breton University Press chronicles the remarkable life of one of the founding families of Chéticamp.

The title character of Jeanne Dugas of Acadia, was born of Acadian parents at Louisbourg in 1731.

For more than thirty years, she and her husband, their family and extended families, lived under the threat of capture and deportation by the British militia and of attacks by pirates and privateers.

At various times the family lived in Louisbourg, Grand Pré (NS), Port Toulouse and Mira (Cape Breton), Île Saint-Jean (PEI), Remshic (NS), Restigouche (NB) and back again – sometimes more than once – before being captured and imprisoned on George’s Island (Halifax harbour), where three of their four children died.

When released, the family sought refuge on Île Madame (Cape Breton) and eventually found peace and permanence in the area now known as Chéticamp.

Written by Chéticamp native Cassie Deveaux Cohoon, Jeanne Dugas of Acadia is, in many ways, the story of the Acadians.

Ms. Cohoon will be in Cape Breton to launch her new novel in Louisbourg (Fortress Louisbourg, June 14, Chéticamp (16th, 7 p.m., La Salle des retraités), St. Peter’s (17th, 6:30 p.m., Nicolas Denys Museum) and Petit-de-Grat (18th, 6:30 p.m., Petit-de-Grat library).