National Nurses Week 2016: Kim Lake, Nursing Practice Educator

Kim Lake and BScN student  Kathleen Chafe caring for neonatal patient in Ecuador

Kim Lake and BScN student Kathleen Chafe caring for neonatal patient in Ecuador

Kim Lake, Nursing Practice Educator, has been working as a Registered Nurse (RN) for 33 years and a valued CBU staff member for 11.

Kim graduated with a Diploma in Nursing in 1983, a Bachelor Degree in 2003 and a Master of Nursing in 2010. Kim’s Nursing career started in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at the Camp Hill Hospital, where she worked with war veterans from both WWI and WWII.

After 5 years at Camp Hill, Kim returned to Cape Breton and began her career in Psychiatric Nursing at the former Cape Breton Hospital turned Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

Kim’s career has since led her to work as a Health Nurse Coordinator for one of the first youth health centres in Cape Breton, where she focused on health promotion, risk reduction and early intervention for junior high and high school students. According to Kim, “It was an exciting time as these were new roles for Registered Nurses.”

Kim currently works as a staff member in CBU’s  School of Professional Studies, Nursing Department. Her role within the Department includes coordinating with and supervising students in the nursing practice areas, as well as to teach and maintain her own clinical competence – Kim says that when her academic schedule allows it, she works as an RN on a casual basis.

This past year, Kim, partnering with Belinda Andrea, coordinated and participated in the first international nursing experience to Ecuador. This trip allowed the 21 participating students an opportunity to provide care to clients in community clinics, hospitals and childcare organizations, all while expanding their worldview. Kim and Belinda have already started planning their next trip; this time they will be visiting Peru.

When asked her thoughts on National Nurses Week Kim said, “National Nurses Week allows us to re-focus and appreciate the nurses who are working diligently to provide healthcare to all.” Additionally, she hopes that her students learn the importance of lifelong learning, saying, “Our roles and responsibilities are changing. It is an exciting time for nurses but we need to be prepared to incorporate best practice while still maintaining our caring and professional image.”

Thank you for all of your work, Kim, whether it is in the field or in the classroom. Happy National Nursing Week!