Music Mogul Wins Silver Ice Bucket Award

Among the winners at the 2015 ICE Awards, held in Halifax, NS, was Revolve Branding and Marketing for their work on Cape Breton University’s mobile gaming application “Music Mogul.” The Silver ICE Bucket Award was given to the agency for their work on the app which is used as an educational tool in the In.Business National Mentorship Program for Indigenous Youth.

Music Mogul is a simulation gaming app that was designed by Revolve for Cape Breton University’s Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies. Music Mogul puts the player in the role of band manager for a musical group. As the musical group tours across Canada, the player is required to choose the communities that are visited on each tour, select and purchase merchandise for sale at shows and arrange for advertising campaigns. The player also negotiates the cost of venue rental, sets the ticket prices for each show, sets the mark-up for merchandise, and takes out and repays loans throughout the game. The manager may also decide to record a new single to gain new fans. The success of the tours is determined by all of the choices the player makes and how well the band plays during shows – fun mini games that test the agility and rhythm of players! Through the logbook, the player can track the growth of their fan base, as well as their income and expenses. The ultimate goal is to become a Music Mogul by making $1 million dollars or playing in 39 towns or cities from coast to coast to coast.

Music Mogul features the music of Canadian Aboriginal artists: A Tribe Called Red, Elisapie, Madeskimo, Joey Stylez, and Red City. A complementary website provides additional information for use in educational settings, such as biographies of the artists, profiles of some of the communities featured in the game, as well as mentors of the In.Business program, and download links for the game.

Music Mogul is available as a free download from Google Play for Android devices and from the App Store for iOS devices.

The 2015 ICE Awards were open to any company or individual located in Atlantic Canada engaged in creating and/or producing advertising, design pieces, websites, mobile applications, social media campaigns, photography, or illustration. The ICE Awards are organized each year by a diverse group of advertising and marketing professionals to celebrate creative advertising made in Atlantic Canada. ICE is an acronym for Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise.

For more information on the ice awards, please visit their website.