Mike MacNeil – World Traveler and Future Nurse


For Mike MacNeil, choosing CBU was the best choice after being offered a $24,000 scholarship in his final year of high school. “CBU was close to home and my friends were going here, so I knew it would be a good fit. And I couldn’t turn the scholarship down!” says Mike. Mike is originally from New Waterford and has lived on residence for the past two years.

A fourth-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree student, Mike has accepted a permanent full-time position on a medial floor at the Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville, Nova Scotia. “There is plenty of work available for nursing in the province right now so I got to pick where I wanted to go,” he says. He plans to find his niche in nursing by learning the basics and working on a general medical floor as a starting point.

“The most exciting part of attending CBU has been the transition from a small high school to a university with people from all over the world,” says Mike. “The atmosphere at CBU has little distractions which makes it easy to balance work-school-social life.”

Outside of the classroom, Mike can be found in the library, at the gym, or hanging out with his friends on campus. By staying at home for school, Mike says he was able to save money to use toward travel. “I went to Mexico for a month in my first year at CBU, lived in Quebec City for five weeks in my second year, and backpacked Europe last summer.” says Mike.

An RA in MacDonald Residence, Mike is also a peer success coach and says that societies and student jobs are a great way to build your resume while meeting new friends. “Balancing school work with social life and extra-curricular activities can be tricky but staying organized and following a schedule can help.” says Mike. He says that he enjoys having a role at CBU other than just a student and has met many faculty and new students through it.

Mike has done most of his clinical placements at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and says, “I’ve received great support from all the CBU alumni working at the CBRH, so it will be interesting to see how well I do on my own in the Valley. He adds, “I’m excited to get out into the ‘real world’ and put my knowledge to the test. A pay cheque will be nice too!”

When asked if he had any advice for a high school student considering CBU, he says, “Be prepared to spend more time in the books. The good thing is that you will enjoy what you’re learning. I also really love being part of all the events that happen here.”