Meet the CBUSU 2018-2019 Incoming Students’ Union

Cape Breton University is proud to welcome the incoming 2018-2019 CBU Students’ Union  President, Gunny Brar and Vice President, Ahmed Nagy. The executive will officially take office in May. It is the first time in CBUSU history that international students simultaneously hold the role of both President and Vice President.

“The fact that both the elected Executive positions are held by international students shows how diverse CBU’s student population has become,” says Brar, CBUSU President.

President Gunny Brar is a Nursing Student in his final year of studies and comes from India, while Vice President Nagy is a Bachelor of Business Administration student and is a transfer student from Egypt.

Both Elected members agree that their main priority for the 2018-2019 year is to make student life the best experience possible on campus through student engagement and involvement.

Congratulations on behalf of the CBU community.

CBUSU Pres. VP 2018-2019

Left: CBUSU Vice President, Ahmed Nagy  – Right: CBUSU President, Gunny Brar