Major in Sport and Physical Activity Leadership and a Minor in Nutrition and Health Launched at CBU

Dr. Callary speaks with students

Students interested in the leadership of sport and physical activity, as well as nutrition and health now have the option to pursue it in the recently launched Bachelor of Arts Community Studies degree with a major in Sport and Physical Activity Leadership (SPAL) and a minor in nutrition and health at Cape Breton University (CBU).

“We are so excited to launch the SPAL major/nutrition health minor program to provide students with the opportunity to study sport and physical activity issues and understand that physical activity combined with good nutrition and other aspects of health are key to well-being of not only the person, but communities, in general,” says Dr. Bettina Callary, Associate Professor of SPAL, who along with Dr. Ed. Barre, Professor of Human Nutrition led the program development.

Graduates of the program may find themselves on pathways that lead to careers as physical activity coordinators, sports media specialists, nutrition and health support workers, coaches, outdoor industry professionals, and much more. Students who take the major/minor will become stronger, more empowered leaders across sport and physical activity fields by being able to incorporate various aspects of nutrition and health while gaining the skills needed to start a career in a growing industry.

“Governments, businesses and society in general are becoming increasingly aware of the great importance of lifelong attention to all of physical activity, good nutrition and other aspects of health,” says Dr. Barre. “With increasing levels of lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease, along with the personal and community challenges arising from such, the need for those with a background in sport and physical activity, nutrition and health in general has never been greater.”

With a reputation of being a destination of choice for outdoor adventure seekers, Cape Breton Island provides the perfect backdrop for students taking the SPAL major/nutrition and health minor program. Students will also benefit from the close ties with the CBU Athletics Program where they’ll also learn from some of Canada’s top coaches.

The program is the only one of its kind in Canada and is accepting new students for September. Current CBU students may transfer into this major/minor immediately.

For more information contact Dr. Callary or Dr. Barre.