Les Belles-Soeurs opens at Cape Breton University’s Boardmore Theatre



Cape Breton University’s (CBU) Boardmore Theatre starts off the New Year with a Canadian classic. Michel Tremblay’s Les Belles-soeurs will be staged from January 24 to 29. Les Belles- soeurs stars 15 talented female cast members.

“Working with a mature all-female cast who bring with them life experience has been a pleasure,” says Carolyn Dunn, director of Les Belles-soeurs. “It is fun to see them develop their characters and it is such a joy to watch the women in the play that are new to the stage grow in confidence. Most of these women went through the sixties. It is interesting to hear how this play rings true to some of their own experiences.”

The story focuses on Germaine, a Montreal housewife. Germaine has recently won a million gold star stamps from the grocery store. When shoppers win a lot of stamps they can exchange them at the store for goods like barbeques or lawn chairs.
But first Germaine must put them all in a booklet. So she invites all the women over she knows to help her. As they work, the women discuss the men in their lives, the church, and their small joys. But the twist of the story comes out when Germaine finally realizes that all the women are also robbing her of her gold star stamps.

“What appeals to me about this play is that even though it takes place in the sixties, the story is still relevant to today,” says Dunn. “It is about people that work hard to get by. People that struggle with the sometimes drudgery of the day to day ‘sameness’ of their lives and feeling stuck.”

Tickets can be bought at CBU’s box office from Monday to Friday 1-5 p.m. starting a week prior to the show, or an hour before each performance. Tickets cost $20 for general and $10 for students and seniors. The show on January 24 is a preview. Audience members can pay what they can or make a food bank donation for entry. Tickets can also be requested online at www.cbu.ca/boardmore

For any questions you can call the box-office at 902-563-1652 or email CBU’s Boardmore Theatre’s director Todd Hiscock, at Todd_hiscock@cbu.ca.