Kindness HAPPENs at CBU!

Members of the CBU Employee Workplace Wellness Committee feel that working on campus is like being part of a big family, and like a family, we take care of each other.  We take time to notice each other and to be kind.  To that end, the members of the Committee are declaring the month of December, “KINDNESS HAPPENS AT CBU!”

Though we feel that everyone at CBU is typically very kind, we'd like to pay special attention to kindness this month and be sure to pay it forward. 

It is very easy to participate.  In early December, we will distribute “kindness cards” to employees to start this “pay it forward” campaign. (You can contact any member of the Wellness Committee or stop in at Human Resources if you want to get a card.)

We would love for everyone to participate, so we made it as easy as possible!

Staff and Faculty:

All you have you have to do is….

  1. Kindness Happens ElfPlan an act of kindness for another employee (you choose the employee but consider selecting someone from outside your department).
  2. Write your kind act on the card (no names – just the kind act).
  3. Do the kind act.
  4. Give the recipient the card and ask them to do a kind act for someone else.
  5. You can remain anonymous, if you wish.  Just send the card to the recipient in campus mail right after the kind act.
  6. Feel good knowing you made someone else feel good!


If you are the recipient and receive a card, we hope you’ll keep the good feelings going.

On December 19th, drop the card in the internal mail slot in the CBU mail room.   All cards will be posted at the President’s Holiday Reception on December 22nd.

Students, Staff and Faculty:

This campaign will also be running on social media via the CBU Twitter and Facebook account so students and employees can participate together. Using #KindnessHappens let us know what you’re kind act was or consider posting a picture to show us.

You can also be on the lookout for CBU’s Kindness Elves who might just make your December day a little brighter!

Want to participate but don’t what kind of kind act to perform?  Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Employee Workplace WellnessNotice someone’s good work and tell them that you noticed.
  • Give them a small holiday or Christmas decoration.
  • Buy a cup of coffee/tea for someone when you go to coffee break.
  • Deliver or mail a pretty card with an uplifting message to their desk.
  • Give them a home-made cookie.
  • Clean the snow off the car next to you in the parking lot.
  • Buy a “groovy” pen or pencil for them to use.
  • Bring them a shiny, juicy red apple – or a green one.