Jody and Mandy Nicholson – Chasing Their Dream Together


Jody and Mandy Nicholson


For Jody and Mandy Nicholson, sisters from North Sydney, NS, family is the most important thing in the world. Both mothers of two small children, they knew that they wanted stable careers in a field that would allow them not only to stay in Cape Breton, but also to make an impact here.

Mandy, a third-year student nurse, entered the program first and quickly knew she had made the right choice.

“I love working with people, I love to learn, and I love variety,” says Mandy. “I decided to study nursing because I wanted a fulfilling and rewarding career with unlimited opportunities for professional development and countless options for employment. The sky’s the limit in nursing!”

As Jody watched her sister thrive academically she decided to join her in the program and chase her own dream of becoming a nurse.

“I love that my sister is also in the nursing program. It’s great when I have questions or need someone to practice my skills on,” says Jody. “ She sets the bar high and pushes me to give my best effort.”

“Being in the program with Jody makes me feel proud. We motivate each other,” adds Mandy . “Three years ago, she encouraged me to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. I’ve been encouraging her to do the same ever since. We each played a hand in the other’s success. Hopefully, we’ll get to work together as nurses in the future.“

As the sisters work through the challenging program together, they both agree that taking the time to laugh and have fun is extremely important and offer a little advice to those considering a nursing career.

“Prepare yourself for a lot of hard work. The nursing program is difficult,” says Jody. “But it will be worth it when you’re finished. It can be such a fun time if you make the most of the friendships and laughs you experience along the way.”

While the sisters work toward graduation and becoming Registered Nurses, they take pride in the fact that they are able to pursue their dream at home and spend their free time with the ones who matter the most to them, their children.