Jim Gerrie: Putting a retro spin on CaperCon 2016

Jim Gerrie headshot CaperCon  has grown to be something many CBU faculty, staff, students and community members look forward to each year. For Jim Gerrie, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, this year’s event will have a ‘retro’ feel.

“My interest in gaming started with Dungeons and Dragons and other sci-fi, fantasy board games and moved on to new incarnations of such during the 8-bit home computer revolution,” says Jim.  “My talks are focused on discussing that history.”

Throughout the convention Jim will host three sessions, focussing on vintage computing systems: Retrocomputing: Retrieving the Origins of the Information Age; Type-in Madness: When Apps Were Handcrafted; and, In Search of Colossal Cave: Uncovering the Original Text Adventure.

Jim’s sessions will include demonstrations using what he refers to as “vintage” computer equipment, in hope that some of the participants might be interested in playing with these computers and / or seeing them operate. “I hope to draw other people interested in retrocomputing and retrogaming out of the woodwork so that perhaps next year it can be more than just me,” says Jim.

Along with Jim Gerrie, CBU faculty members Todd Pettigrew, Associate Professor of English, and Yayo Umetsubo, Education Liaison Librarian, will also host sessions during CaperCon.

CaperCon is a three-day gathering for fans to celebrate shared interests through an array of activities related to anime, science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comic books, and more. This year marks the second annual CaperCon, which will take place on September 16-18.
To learn more about the convention, registration and events, visit the CaperCon website.