Emma Drohan – Close to the Experience 

Emma Drohan first decided to study at Cape Breton University because of the location. Born and raised in Sydney, NS., Emma graduated from Riverview High School and knew that CBU would offer the best university experience possible. “I wanted to attend Cape Breton University so I could stay close to home, and to my family and friends,” says Emma. 

Emma - Drohan 1Currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree, Emma found the transition from high school to university stress free and she attributes her warm welcome into the program to faculty members who genuinely care about her success.  

 Emma believes that because CBU is a small university, it’s easy to accomplish her educational goals here, while living life to the fullest. Aside from her studies, she looks forward to downtime activities, which include, hiking, long drives and anything related to the outdoors. Even though she lives off campus, Emma says she constantly feels included and welcome at every CBU event. 

 Being involved in the CBU community, led Emma to become a part of the CBU Social Squad. The Squad is made up of social media savvy students from various academic backgrounds who share information about CBU activities and help keep other students in the loop.  “I love sharing my story, especially when it involves such a great place like CBU,” says Emma. “It is easy to get involved here!” 

 Emma’s hope is that other local high school students in Cape Breton realize that they don’t have to cross the causeway for a fantastic university experience. While Emma is deciding what career she would like to pursue after her degree, she says, “My advisors have been really great with helping me to keep my options open while exploring my interests.” 

 Emma has three years remaining in her program and she remains firm that she made the right choice by choosing CBU. “I know this is where I’m meant to complete my degree,” says Emma. “CBU has exceeded my expectations of the university experience.” 

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