Emma Deveau – Excellence in Nursing

EmmaCBU was a natural fit for Emma Deveau after growing up in the small, but beautiful French town of Cheticamp. “I wanted to be close to my family and my dog Marley! I’m now a very proud member of the orange army,” Emma says.

Emma was the recipient of an excellence award at the 2015 Nursing Banquet after showing excelling in her first year practicum. Now, in her second year of the nursing program, Emma says that continuing to learn new skills has been extremely exciting for her and she feels a sense of pride every time she wears her green and white scrubs.

“I love how every day we are learning something new; we are learning how to make someone’s life better when they are most vulnerable, learning how to be an advocate for our patients and how to potentially save someone’s life,” she says.

Emma says she has a passion for her studies and attributes her success for a want to know more and to be better at what she does. “One bad mark does not define what kind of nurse you will be, never giving up on my dream has definitely been worth it,” says Emma.

Outside of her studies and practice, Emma enjoys spending time outside, hiking Cape Breton and spending hours at the beach. She says she tries to spend as much time as she can with her friends, family and dog, and tries to fit in as much travelling and adventure as she can. On top of her practice, Emma is a volunteer at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and CBU’s Women’s Centre.

Emma says that the most rewarding part of her studies is knowing she’ll make a difference in her future patients’ lives. “You will be by their side through either the best or worst times of their lives and trying to prepare for that through my studies and practice is like an adrenaline rush,” she says.

Emma’s advice for someone considering a career in nursing is to never give up and fight for your dream. “It will not be easy but it will most definitely be worth it. Take time for yourself and love what you do, CBU’s nursing program will be so rewarding!” she says.