Elizabeth Arsenault – On a Pathway to Success


Each and every CBU student is on their own path. Although the starting point of each person’s journey may differ, the end result is always one of personal success. For Elizabeth Arsenault, her CBU story began as a Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Business Administration Diploma graduate. Thanks to the educational opportunities in place for NSCC students to continue their studies at CBU, her transition to university was seamless.

Now in her second semester, she is taking advantage of all CBU has to offer, and finds herself working in CBU’s Marketing and Communications Department as a co-op student, an opportunity provided through the university’s co-operative education program. Being able to gain experience working in her field while pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree has really enhanced her learning and excites her for the future. “The co-op advisor at CBU was so helpful in getting me registered for the program, giving me all the information I needed, and helping me find a co-op job opportunity that I was interested in,” says Elizabeth, noting that the co-op program was just one of the reasons she chose to come to CBU.

Elizabeth gained a solid education at NSCC, but knew she wanted to continue her studies instead of entering the workforce right away. “It was so tempting to start working right after I graduated from NSCC. After one full semester complete, I am glad I made the decision to enroll at CBU and would recommend it other NSCC grads. I love that I am now learning about topics outside of business; I’m discovering new interests and learning about so much,” she says.

There are many reasons that compelled Elizabeth to study at CBU. Not only was it located in her hometown of Sydney, N.S., but CBU also has low tuition compared to other Canadian universities. After having a few conversations with some of CBU’s recruiters about life as a CBU student, Elizabeth knew that CBU would be the right fit – and she has not been disappointed!

“My experience at CBU so far has been amazing! The professors are passionate about their work, keep class fun and interesting and go out of their way to help you. I’ve met so many new people and have made new friends, but I also have my NSCC family here with me, so it’s like we’re experiencing university together,” she says.

Outside of her studies, Elizabeth has an interest in local arts and crafts and she is also an avid photographer. She hikes and explores Cape Breton Island regularly, especially in the summertime. Although she loves exploring the Island and being by the ocean, she also has a strong desire to travel and plans on seeing as much of the world as she can.

For this CBU student, her journey is only beginning. She loves her Cape Breton community and one day hopes to have a career that helps shape and build the social and economic health of the area. To do this she plans on completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a special focus on community. Given that CBU has the only MBA in Community Economic Development it is quite possible that Elizabeth’s journey at CBU may one day extend even further, as an MBA student pursuing her passion by working toward a career in community economic development.

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