Classes Focused on Story of Viola Desmond Being Offered as Facebook Live Event

As part of Cape Breton University’s commitment to open online learning, three classes from Viola Desmond’s Canada, a history course being delivered on campus this semester, will be streamed live through CBU’s Facebook page. The course is being offered by Dr. Graham Reynold, the Viola Desmond Chair in Social Justice and a Professor Emeritus at Cape Breton University.

“The story of Viola Desmond is such an important part of Canada’s history,” says Dr. Reynolds. “Through the work of the Chair and the tireless efforts of Viola Desmond’s sister, Wanda Robson, the historic and courageous action of Viola Desmond is finally being recognized by all levels of government and rightfully making its way into the education curriculum. Everyone should learn about Viola’s story. I am so pleased to have Wanda Robson participate in this live Facebook event so we can share this important chapter in Canada’s history with anyone who is interested from all over the world.”

The three-credit history course focuses on the life and times of Viola Desmond, Canada’s civil rights icon and pioneer Black businesswoman.  The three events will be broadcast live from 4:15-6 pm and can be viewed by visiting the Cape Breton University Facebook Page. The classes will be interactive, where questions will be facilitated between those watching and Dr. Reynolds and Wanda Robson.


September 26: The Story of Two Sisters with Wanda Robson

October 24: The Roseland Theatre Incident and Racial Segregation in Canada with Wanda Robson

November 21: Viola Desmond: A Pioneer Canadian Businesswoman with Wanda Robson