Chemistry Seminar at CBU

Dr. Head-Gordon of the University of California, Berkely to Speak

(Sydney, NS) – On Wednesday, October 20, Cape Breton University welcomes Dr. Martin Head-Gordon of the University of California, Berkely, as part of the CBU Department of Chemistry seminars that have been taking place throughout the fall.  Dr. Head-Gordon’s presentation titled Modern Density Functional Theory Calculations: Key Concepts and Example Applications will discuss the basic foundations of Density Functional Theory, followed by qualitative characterization of the most widely used density functionals. The seminar, which is tailored to the undergraduate level, is being held in theSydney Credit Union Boardroom, CC 263, from 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. and is open to the university community and general public.

“CBU provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to attend outstanding chemistry research seminars which are hosted by the Department of Chemistry,” says Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel, Associate Professor for Inorganic Chemistry, CBU. “Such opportunity is very important to the Department of Chemistry as it demonstrates that chemistry is an active research field, and that chemistry knowledge is advanced every day. It also shows that there’s more than chapters in a chemistry textbook.”

Dr. Bierenstiel notes normally, such chemistry research seminars are offered at larger universities to graduate students. “At CBU, we believe that engaging our students as early as first year provides them with great respect and interest in research as part of an outstanding science education to continue their careers after graduation from CBU. The large attendance of CBU students at these seminars is a proof for that."


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