Celebrating 10 Outstanding Years

On February 22, 2013, the Cape Breton University (CBU) Board of Governors, the University and in the greater community said farewell to their President and Vice-Chancellor, H. John Harker and thanked him for his unwavering commitment and vigorous leadership over the past 10 years.

Harker Gala

The farewell event, along with contributions by the University (a approved by its Board of Governors) and a group of special donors, raised $125,000 toward the creation of two awards named in honour of Dr. Harker and his wife Eunice – The H. John Harker International Scholar Awards and The John and Eunice Harker Award for History & Social Justice.

Thank you

To all those that attended and contributed so generously to these awards. Annette Verschuren • Jim and Roma Kehoe • The Late Hugh Tweedie and Martin Chernin • Keith Brown and Jane Connell • Dr. David Wheeler • John and Jean Eyking • Unsworth Kachafanas • Rex and Heather Dunn • Diana Schwartz • LaFosse MacLeod • Curdis and Martin Karrel • Dave and Bev MacKenna • MGM & Associates • Trans-Atlantic Preforms • Cape Breton Beverages • Nova Learning • Brian and Monica Shebib • Harold and Diane Schwartz • Louisbourg Seafoods • Kirk MacRae • Andrew and Kerry Lynk • Spyro and Shelley Trifos • RKO Steel • Sampson McDougall • The Breton Law Group • Nash Hannem & Associates • Purdy and Bea Crawford


From the Harkers…

John and Eunice HarkerSo, the time has come for us to take our leave. We won’t say goodbye, but we do have to say see you later and, of course, thank you.

That should be One Hundred Thousand Thank Yous, especially since we often heard the traditional Gaelic welcome many times during our life in Cape Breton. And we hear that phrase in Mi’kmaq and Acadian French too and, in recent years, a variant in Chinese and Arabic, from some of the wonderful international students who have joined us in Sydney.

Yes, we have been warmly welcomed, and fully supported, and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. CBU is vital to the well-being of the Island, but we know better than most that the support of the Island community is what sustains CBU, underscores its mission, and gives it meaning.

We will always remember our years at CBU with affection and we look forward to learning of its continued progress and that of the Island. This we hope to do by keeping in touch with many of you and seeing others in various places around the Island in the years ahead.

See You Later, Eunice and John

President Harker's Presidency