CBUSU Introduces myWellness Plan

mywellnessAs Mental Wellness month kicks off at Cape Breton University, the Cape Breton University Students’ Union (CBUSU) wants to remind students of the myWellness Plan program. Initially launched for CBU students in September 2016, the program offers medically approved, anonymous online mental care designed to assist in the prevention, early diagnosis and ongoing management of common emotional and mental health issues.

“We had a soft launch in September after myWellness was adopted by the Student Representative Council, and an Official Launch in October,” says Roy Karam, CBUSU President.

Since the CBUSU’s launch of myWellness Plan, the platform has been highly utilized.  “Our usage report indicates that since September, over 90 students created an anonymous account, 86 students started an assessment, and just under 80 students completed the full assessment which takes about 30 minutes,” says Karam. “Throughout the assessment there were 8 crisis line interactions. All of this information is of course anonymous.”

MyWellness provides information regarding crisis lines, doctor referrals, and the resources available both on and off campus, as well as stress reliever games and Q&A pages.

As part of CBU’s Mental Wellness Week activities, CBUSU representatives will be set-up in the cafeteria on January 23, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to discuss myWellness Plan with students. The representatives also have a whiteboard set up in hopes of having CBU students fill it with post-its about what stresses they feel, and what relieves these stresses.

“MyWellness puts words to feelings so you can feel better now. It is not a diagnosis and it is not solely for people who think they have a mental disorder,” says Karam. “We all need a little help understanding what is going on inside that brain of ours.”

For more information you can contact the Student’s Union at 902-563-1192, or, visit the myWellness program now.

Check out what else is happening this week, or visit CBU’s Health & Wellness page for more information about on-campus resources.