CBU’s Unama’ki College Celebrates Mi’kmaq History Month

Traditional Feast, Dancing, Crafts and Much More

Cape Breton University’s Unama’ki College is celebrating Mi’kmaq History Month with a series of vibrant events taking place October 16-20 on the CBU campus. The outdoor celebration is open to the university community and general public, admission is free and all members of the community are encouraged to take in this culturally rich experience.

“Unama’ki College has prepared an ambitious schedule of events to celebrate this year’s Mi’kmaq History Month.  So far, the response to the celebration has been positive and I expect it will be an educational week filled with excitement, building on CBU’s reputation as a leader in Aboriginal post-secondary education,” says Rod Nicholls, Acting Principal, Unama’ki College.

The week will showcase Mi’kmaq culture and history through a variety of events including traditional crafting and dancing to Waltes demonstrations and a traditional Mi’kmaq feast. Participants will also have access to three Wi’kuomks that will be set-up on campus for the duration of the week-long celebration. In addition, on Thursday, October 27 at 11:30 a.m., Dr. Robert Campbell is presenting a talk titled Mi’kmaq Spirituality and Catholicism in the Mi’kmaq Resource Centre.

CBU is home to more than 150 Aboriginal students with close to 550 holding CBU degrees in various disciplines. Cape Breton University works with Aboriginal leaders to build on established relationships and to create new opportunities through initiatives such as the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies.

For a complete schedule of events visit www.cbu.ca/unamaki.