CBU’s Enrolment Results Favourable

Enrolment numbers reported to the Atlantic Association of Universities for the 2010-11 academic year show some very positive results for CBU. According to President & Vice-Chancellor John Harker there are several encouraging indicators that speak to both growth and stability. “In a highly competitive recruitment environment, CBU is experiencing an increase in full-time undergraduate students, both locally and domestically. Overall there is a 5.2% increase in first-year full-time enrolment numbers, which is a clear indicator that CBU is perceived as a viable option for study alongside any other post secondary institution in Atlantic Canada.”

The number of students attending CBU from Cape Breton, always high, is up 14%, the first local market increase noted in some years. At the same time, out-of-province numbers have increased and student arrivals span the country. There is a 27% increase in students originating from Newfoundland, and numbers in Ontario and western Canada have remained stable.

In an examination of program registration, 9% of out-of-province students registered in each of the BA and BBA programs and 22% chose CBU’s Bachelor of Arts Community Studies program. “In addition to students determining that CBU offers sound liberal arts, business and science programs, we have seen a 15% growth in the Bachelor of Engineering Technology program, with a considerable focus on Environmental Studies,” states Harker. “This development aligns itself with the establishment of CBU’s Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment and the confidence generated through promoting the opportunities arising from our well respected science programming and the many resources the new Centre will provide.”

International enrolment has continued to climb, with a 27% increase this fall. At present, CBU is home to almost 500 international students from more than 40 countries. Canada’s only MBA in Community Economic Development is a continuing success, with enrollment reaching almost 200 students from across the country. Nursing and Education at CBU are fully subscribed programs with substantial waiting lists.

“The results are telling us that our targeted recruitment efforts are yielding results in combination with a number of significant internal program reviews and the use of selected articulation agreements to build our student base,” adds Harker. “CBU is as strong as it has ever been academically and with the enhancement of new research, recreational, residence and dining facilities on campus, our reputation is expanding. There is much that we must continue to do and the demographic and fiscal challenges facing Atlantic Canada remains strong, requiring attention and adjustments. It is a challenging marketplace that demands creative and specialized solutions which respect academic integrity at all times. We believe in the value of a CBU degree and believe these enrolment results demonstrate that others do too.”