CBU to Receive almost $400,000 in funding through the Excellence in Innovation Fund

Cape Breton University will receive almost $400,000 in funding through the Government of Nova Scotia’s Excellence in Innovation Fund.

CBU’s Unama’ki College will receive $300,000 to make post-secondary education more accessible for Aboriginal learners across the province. CBU, Saint Mary’s University and Acadia University will jointly receive $90,000 to study ways to create a Nova Scotia-China Learning campus to offer local academic programs in Zhuhai, China.

“CBU aspires to being a truly entrepreneurial and multicultural campus,” says Dr. David Wheeler, President and Vice Chancellor. “We want an entrepreneurial mindset to inspire students in all disciplines to address and solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.  Together with our post-secondary education partners and sponsors we also want to harness CBU’s expertise in clean technology, culture, aboriginal learning and community economic development to promote enterprise opportunities for all our domestic and international students.  We are proud to have been named by the Province to play a role in the sector-wide innovation fund investments and we commit to delivering great results for our Province and for Cape Breton Island.”

The Excellence and Innovation Fund helps universities deliver high-quality education while exploring ways to encourage innovation and reduce operating costs.