CBU to Open ‘Nerve-Wracking’ Fall Exhibition

The Cape Breton University Art Gallery is proud to announce the opening of its fall exhibition entitled 'Do I Make You Nervous?', with an opening reception on Friday September 23, from 5-7 p.m. The show includes works of art from renowned artists including Evan Penny, Richard Hamilton, Marion Wagschall and more.

The exhibition presents selections from the CBU Gallery’s permanent collection, organized according to three anxiety inducing themes: Sexuality and the Body, Abstraction and Violence & War. The exhibition will demonstrate that looking at art is not a passive activity but rather, it provokes subjective responses, some as extreme as discomfort, agitation and even hostility.

“This exhibition is intended to invoke strong reactions, but it is not just about shock-value,” says CBU Art Gallery Curator, Laura Schneider. “What I really hope will happen is that our audience will think about the things that make them uncomfortable and connect their reactions to the material presented in the accompanying texts.”

'Do I Make You Nervous?' is meant to get audiences thinking about why we respond the way we do to art, and examine the factors that inform these responses. The show is being presented in a unique fashion. Flip-charts of text accompany works of art, displaying quotes from famous scholars, critics and artists. The audience is encouraged to interact with the exhibition by handling the flip-charts and choosing the text that they feel best suits the surrounding works of art.

The exhibition runs until November 18. The reception is open to the public.  

For more information visit www.cbu.ca/art-gallery.