CBU to host Entrepreneurial Thinking 101

High School students from Cape Breton Island will join the Shannon School of Business, Island Sandbox and UIT Startup Immersion Program for an exciting day of business at Think like a Boss: Entrepreneurship 101.

An interactive event aimed at solving problems through entrepreneurship, this daylong workshop will give students the knowledge and skills they need to start a business and become their own boss. Participating students also have the chance to walk away with a piece of the $1,500 being given out in cash prizes.

“Educating students in the ways of innovation and entrepreneurship can be essential to their success in the future,” says George Karaphillis, Interim Dean of Shannon School of Business and Director of the MBA in CED Program. “The skills that they learn in this type of workshop are transferable, which means that they can utilize this skill set to go in any career direction that they chose to.”

The objective of the day is to help students create a business idea that solves a real problem facing Cape Breton. Students will develop a business idea to solve the challenge and at the end of the day each group will have 90 seconds to pitch their idea. The top teams will be awarded cash prizes.

The problem they’ll be looking to solve? CBRM has a population of less than 100,000 people. These people like to keep busy and have fun, but they have a limited amount of disposable income. Imagine you were given $150,000 to create a new entertainment option for Cape Bretoners. And go!

Students will work with Mike Targett, Executive Director of UIT and Darren MacDonald, Coordinator of the Island Sandbox, to learn how to create and finesse their idea in order to turn it into something real. Students will work through the different stages of creating a startup and then acquire the skills needed to pitch it.

This event will take place in the Shannon School of Business at Cape Breton University and students will get a chance to experience what it’s like being a CBU business student for a day.
For more info contact Tanya Andrews.