CBU to Host 2nd Annual CaperCon

Eion Morrison as Jack Frost

Eion Morrison as Jack Frost, CaperCon 2015

Cape Breton University is gearing up to host the second annual CaperCon, which will take place September 16-18. This local fan convention celebrates various aspects of popular culture, including books, music, video games, comics, film, television, anime and beyond. The convention is designed to bring like-minded communities together to enjoy a sense of belonging, celebration, and above all, fun!

“A convention like CaperCon is all about trying to stoke the fire of the geek-centric community within Cape Breton while also promoting equality, inclusiveness and fun,” says Eoin Morrison, co-founder of CaperCon. “We are huge supporters of the LGBTQ community, and it is our goal to make sure people of all races, religions, cultural backgrounds, gender and sexual identities feel safe, welcome, and happy while at CaperCon.”

CaperCon provides a judgement-free environment where people are able to express themselves while surrounded by others who share similar interests. The convention will house vendors, small businesses and artists from across Canada who provide art and merchandise that are related to the various genres represented at CaperCon.

Eoin’s family has attended conventions similar to CaperCon throughout Canada and his sister, Alexandra, is also a founding member of CaperCon. His mother, Anita Morrison, says she is most looking forward to showcasing her elaborate cosplay at this year’s convention.

The event is anticipated to bring in many people, from not only Cape Breton, but all over Canada.

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