CBU Students’ Union Hosts Annual Honours Banquet

On Friday, November 26, Cape Breton University and the Cape Breton University Students’ Union will host their annual Honours Banquet. The banquet will begin at 6 p.m. and will take place in the Cape Breton University Commons (cafeteria area). CBU holds the annual banquet to recognize students who have worked continuously to achieve academic excellence.

Annually, approximately 516 students meet the academic standards to be on the University’s Dean’s List. To be considered for the Dean’s List, students must acquire an average of 75 per cent in all courses, without any failures.

“The Students’ Union takes pride in acknowledging those students who have studied hard during their academic year,” says Allison Haley, CBUSU President. “By giving these students the recognition they deserve, it could encourage other students to push to accomplish the same goal.”

This year, 250 students are expected to attend the Honours Banquet where they will receive certificates citing their achievement. Greetings will come from CBU President Dr. John Harker, Students’ Union President, Allison Haley and President of the CBU Alumni Association, Keith MacDonald.

“Celebrating student success by acknowledging high scholarly performance is something Cape Breton University places great value in,” says Dr. John Harker. “It is important that we encourage our students to work hard, and that we continue to recognize their outstanding achievements. I commend them for their dedication, perseverance and determination, which are all key in achieving academic excellence.”

The guest speaker for this year’s Honours Banquet is Derek Mombourquette, a CBU alumnus and current CBRM Councillor for District 10. As well, he is Chairperson of the CBRM Police Services Commission.