CBU Student Organizes “Café” with Hope to Improve Mental Health System

Lynn Harvey Lynn Harvey is a third-year Bachelor of Arts student, Honouring in Psychology. As Co-President of the CBU Psychology Society, she is helping organize a “Psychology Café,” to be led by Todd Leader who is an author, Glace Bay native and CBU alumnus. The Café aims to encourage students and attendees to think critically about how Cape Breton can improve its efficacy when it comes to Mental Health and Addictions programming.

Lynn has a deep interest people’s individuality, which makes psychology a very fitting direction for her education. “I am interested in people and their paths,” says Lynn. “Everyone has a story that is unique to them.”

Lynn reflects on how unifying and supportive the CBU faculty and students have been since she began studying three years ago: “What I enjoy the most about attending CBU is the sense of community within the university. The professors are interested in your success and push you to achieve your best.”

Lynn believes that students have the power to make influential changes in the system, and hopes the Psychology Café will serve as a motivator, stating, “I think it is important to organize on-campus activities such as this Café because it gives the students an opportunity to not only meet and hear Todd Leader, but also to discuss how to advocate for change from within the health care system.”

The Psychology Café will take place Wednesday, September 20 at 11:30 a.m., in CS101.

Todd Leader will also host a public discussion on Tuesday, September 21 at 7:00 p.m. in the Verschuren Centre. Psychology Cafe Todd Leader

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