CBU student Kayla Cormier Busts Boundaries at Lumiere

Kayla CormierOver the past few years Kayla Cormier has been involved with Lumiere both as an employee and a volunteer. This year, however, marks the first year Kayla will be participating in the Art-at-Night festival as an artist.

As a feminist and an advocate for self-love, Kayla’s installation is inspired by, and is in contribution to, the Free the Nipple and #EffYourBeautyStandards campaigns. Her piece “Busting Boundaries” is a play on the traditional notion of an artistic bust, and Kayla encourages people to take photos and publish to social media using #BustingBoundaries.

“I expect many people will feel uncomfortable,” says Kayla. “Nudity is not something that is necessarily accepted in our society, especially not when the person is deemed as ‘imperfect’.”

One of Kayla’s main goals with her installation is to open the discussion around sexuality and beauty, and to inspire her audience to look at beauty in a new way.

“Great art and great artists create conversation, they break the mould and force us to really look at the world around us,” says Kayla. “Cape Breton is full of artists that have something to say and by funding the arts we give them a voice and when we give them a voice we open ourselves to the possibility of a brighter future.”

Kayla is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Anthropology at Cape Breton University. She is also an active volunteer with the CBU Art Gallery. To learn more about Busting Boundaries and Lumiere, please view the Lumiere Festival Guidebook.