CBU Student Finalist in International Screenwriting Competition

Cape Breton University student, Stephen MacNeil, is making a big bang in Los Angeles. MacNeil was recently named a finalist in the Creative World Awards Screenwriting and Teleplay competition in the existing sitcom category for his spec script for the hit CBS show The Big Bang Theory.

Trying to break into the LA writing scene, MacNeil entered the Creative World Awards competition by writing a  speculative, half hour script for one of his favourite television shows – The Big Bang Theory. MacNeil had already written movie scripts, most notably a script for the Austin Film Festival drama category, where it reached the quarter-finals. Inspired by his favourite show, MacNeil tried his hand at comedy writing and proved himself to be a natural. MacNeil admits “It feels awesome to be a finalist simply because I think it helps me get one step further in writing as a career. By placing in competitions it can help get production companies, agents and managers interested in my work. I'm quite thrilled to have that extra boost.”

MacNeil is a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English student at Cape Breton University in his final year of study. Born and raised in Sydney, N.S, MacNeil has aspirations of finishing his Master’s Degree in English with a focus on creative writing. He has dreamt of being a writer for film, television and literature for a long time. With hard work and persistence, he continues to come closer to his goals. “It feels great to be recognized,” says MacNeil. “But for me, it's more about building confidence, to realize that perhaps I do have what it takes to follow my dreams.”

The Creative World Awards is an international competition based in Los Angeles, California. Its goal is to recognize up and coming talent and encourage writing within the film and television industry. Submitted works must be produced by amateurs, and be written in English. The competition is considered by many to be one of the leading screenplay and teleplay competitions in the world with participation from some of the major production companies in the industry.