CBU Researchers Receive Grants for Innovative Lab Space

Cape Breton University continues to receive recognition from national and provincial funding bodies. Researchers, Dr. Peter MacIntyre, Professor of Psychology and Dr. Erin Robertson, Assistant Professor of Psychology, at Cape Breton University (CBU), have been awarded almost $230,000 to construct an integrated, multi-method lab to study emotion, cognition, and human language development.  The funding comes from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) through its Leader’s Opportunity Fund and  the Province of Nova Scotia, through the Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust (NSRIT). Additional support will be provided by CBU and other funding, bringing the total value of the project to over $287,000.

The award allows for the purchase of new equipment and renovated research space to study language, its development and use in typical and atypical populations, and its development and use in both native and second language acquisition. The equipment purchased with this funding will allow for studies of the unique combinations of behavioural, physiological, and neurocognitive measures, in samples from infancy to adulthood.

“The new lab will allow for high quality research into the comprehension and production of both spoken and written language,” says Dr. MacIntyre. “To our knowledge, no other lab investigates languages from all of the integrated angles that are going to be possible with this new lab.”

An important element of CBU’s educational experience is the array of research opportunities available to undergraduate students. Students who are involved in research further develop skills and tend to be successful in graduate programs or in the workforce.

“Being recognized by funding bodies not only speaks to the calibre of research that takes place at Cape Breton University but also to the research opportunities for our students. This particular funding announcement will ensure CBU students have access to the most modern research facilities and training, while engaging in and contributing to research found only at CBU,” says Dr. Dale Keefe, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at CBU.

CFI and NSRIT have each contributed $114,895 to the project.

For more information on the research taking place at Cape Breton University visit www.cbu.ca/research.