CBU Researcher Receives Community Excellence Award

Dr. Janice Tulk, a Senior Research Associate within the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies, has had her work recognized by her hometown of Corner Brook. Dr. Tulk received the Achievement in Community Excellence (ACE) Heritage Individual Award for 2013.

The award recognizes Dr. Tulk’s work on The Mill Whistle Project. The project is aimed at preserving the whistle at the Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Mill, an element of Corner Brook’s identity and industrial heritage. Dr. Tulk began her research in 2007, when the whistle was temporarily silenced then returned at a reduced daily frequency.

“Growing up in Corner Brook, the whistle was part of my everyday life, but my passion for it really didn't develop until it was silenced,” says Dr. Tulk. “My goal with the project is to challenge community members to think about sound as heritage, the impact of the paper mill on the sonic environment of Corner Brook, the ways in which the whistle permeated everyday life in the community, and what might be lost if the whistle were to disappear from the soundscape permanently.”

The ACE awards celebrate outstanding contributions to community sustainability through economic, environmental and socio-cultural themes. Dr. Tulk received the award for her devotion to preserving the industrial heritage and sonic landscape of Corner Brook for the future, encouraging community members to use new technologies to engage in heritage conservation and raising awareness about the relationships between sound, expressive arts and cultural change.

“It’s an honour to receive an ACE Award from my hometown for my work on The Mill Whistle Project because it confirms that the project is as meaningful to them as it is to me,” says Dr. Tulk. “This project has been a labour of love. Every time I return to Corner Brook, I interview someone about their experience with the whistle, make a recording of it from a different location, visit the archive or library to conduct research, or track down another piece of documentation.”

Dr. Tulk is thrilled to have a piece of her home, an award cut from a marble boulder found on the outskirts of Corner Brook, on display in her office at CBU.

For more information or to view the results of The Mill Whistle Project visit www.whistleproject.com.