CBU Psychology Professor to launch two new Books

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies at Cape Breton University is hosting a book launch for CBU psychology professor, Dr. Peter MacIntyre and co-author Tammy Gregersen on Monday, July 10, from 12 noon to 1 p.m. in Multipurpose room B (CE241 B) on the CBU campus. The event celebrates the launch of two books, Teaching Innovations and Optimizing Nonverbal.

Peter is a psychologist and Tammy Gregersen, a teacher trainer. Both researchers look at the development of a teacher in complimentary ways.  They were invited by the Springer publishing to document a symposium that we organized a couple of years ago in Dallas, where a large number of great ideas were exchanged.

Teaching Innovations is a collection of papers that most often deal with the ways in which language teachers become teachers, more and more comfortable with what they do.  Teaching can be a difficult career and the ideas contained in the chapters help to make the transition in to becoming a teacher somewhat easier and more conscious.

Optimizing Nonverbal is a book dedicated to the idea that communicating in a second language encompasses a huge amount of nonverbal communication.   The processes involved are complex and show that language is much more than vocabulary words and grammar to put them together.

“Even the thought of it is ironic – to write a book about nonverbal communication,” says Dr. MacIntyre.  “Although it obviously is possible, there is something extraordinary about describing nonverbal actions using printed words on a page. We created a video library to accompany the book, demonstrating 72 of the concepts. It is absolutely amazing to be reading about a specific nonverbal action and then watch it move in full colour, with sound, and an added narration for explanation.”

Peter MacIntyre received his PhD. in psychology from the University of Western Ontario (now Western University) in 1992 and is now a Professor of Psychology at Cape Breton University. His research examines emotion, motivation and cognition across a variety of types of behavior, including interpersonal communication, public speaking, and language learning. The majority of Peter’s research examines the psychology of communication, with a particular emphasis on second language acquisition and communication.

Tammy Gregersen, PhD in Linguistics from Valparaiso, Chile, began her teaching and research career in a university in the Atacama Desert in the North of Chile and is now a professor of TESOL and teacher educator at the University of Northern Iowa (USA).