CBU Professor Publishes Third Edition of Thinking Government

A newly published textbook by Cape Breton University political science professor, Dr. David Johnson, focuses on and provides an introduction to public administration in Canada. Thinking Government: Public Administration and Politics in Canada, third edition was published by the University of Toronto Press.

The third edition of Thinking Government is fully revised and updated with new information on the Harper government, federal human resources policy and programs, public sector modernization policies and more. New features highlight key issues in public administration and help students connect theories to the reality of practice.

“I’ve always been fascinated by power and those who wield political power in society, so I have long sought to understand the power relations in this country,” says Dr. Johnson. “That’s what drew me to focus on the nature of our federal government and its public service. Or to put it more simply, I’ve always wanted to know how Ottawa works.”

The book discusses the power relations between elected politicians and unelected public servants, while also incorporating the practical approach of studying public administration within the dynamics of federal politics. It focuses on the role of government in society, as well as the ideas and ideologies that shape the role of the state and the responses of parties and governments. In addition, more modern, contemporary issues in management reform, ethics and transformative leaderships are captured.

For more information visit www.thinkinggovernment.com.