CBU Professor Honoured with Atlantic Universities’ Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Peter MacIntyre, Professor of Psychology at Cape Breton University, has become the first CBU faculty member to receive the Atlantic Universities’ Distinguished Teaching Award. The award recognizes excellence in university teaching over a number of years, primarily at the undergraduate level.

Only one or two awards are given out each year, selected from nominations submitted by universities in the Atlantic region as well as the University of the West Indies. Nominees must exemplify a commitment to enhancing student engagement and learning, a reflective and intentional approach to teaching practices, and dedication to teaching improvement.

Listen to Peter's interview with CBC here.

“Peter does not actively seek recognition, but he attracts recognition,” says Dr. David McCorquodale, Dean of Science and Technology. “He is universally respected by his students, because he provides superb courses and keeps the program current, by his colleagues because he works with them to advance CBU programs and by the administration because he takes on leadership roles in the scholarship of teaching.”

In both his online and face-to-face courses, Peter puts a great deal of thought and planning into pedagogy that will enable students to think and perform like academics and researchers.  As a result, a large number of Peter’s students have gone on to graduate school and many have published individually or in collaboration with Peter.

“Even though Dr. MacIntyre teaches traditionally challenging courses, student enrollment is generally quite high. From my own experience, I can attest that students greatly appreciate the enthusiasm he brings to every class,” says Rebecca Blackie, a former student of Dr. MacIntyre’s and PhD Candidate at Wilfrid Laurier University.

“His presentation of course materials is done in an energetic and creative way that keeps students focused and engaged. His aptitude for ensuring student comprehension creates a truly vibrant learning experience that fosters a deep understanding of often complex and difficult to understand concepts. His availability outside the classroom offers an additional forum for students to further explore challenging concepts.”

Students and colleagues, at Cape Breton University and beyond have benefitted from Peter’s dedication to teaching and all agree that Dr. Peter Macintyre is a worthy recipient of the 2014 Association of Atlantic Universities’ Distinguished Teaching Award.
Peter adds, “I am humbled by this award.  CBU attracts fantastic students who inspire the faculty every day. When I think of my mentors from my days as a student at CBU), and the colleagues who work together now, I feel like I am part of a strong tradition that genuinely values teaching.  In a very real sense, this award recognizes the whole university and what it means to be part of the CBU community.”