CBU Professor connecting students in Nigeria to students from all over the world

Pictured: Starting sixth from left: Mr. Chinedu (bespectacled), R. Ajameh, Mr. Taiye Ozah, Chief Joseph Azagba, Dr. Princely Ifinedo and High Chief Jacob Egbuwe.


Students from Obodeti Secondary Commerical School in Emu-Obodeti, Delta State, Nigeria were pleased to receive the much-need computers for school work and recreational activities.

Dr. Princely Ifinedo, originally from Nigeria, is an Associate Professor in the Shannon School of Business. After delivering a speech at Cape Breton University in 2008 on The Role of Information Technology in Socioeconomic Development: Case Studies in Africa, it was evident that some parts of Africa were lacking the technological resources that students in most areas of world have access to. The overwhelming support from the speech sparked Dr. Ifindeo’s interest to send computers to a community in Nigeria.

During recent computer upgrades at CBU, Dr. Ifinedo approached CBU’s Chief Information Officer, Debbie Rudderham, to ask for used laptops to send a school in Nigeria. Rudderham sourced some laptops, as well, Dr. Ifinedo donated two desktops of his own. The computers were then delivered in June of 2017 during a conference trip Dr. Ifinedo took to Nigeria.

In the town where the school is located, it is custom that gifts for the community are presented to the elders and members of the Community Development Committee (CDC). High Chief Jacob Egbuwe, who received the computers on behalf of the town, stated his gratitude towards Dr. Ifindeo. “We are grateful for this gesture and know these computers will support the advancement of our students learning,” says High Chief Egbuwe.

The school’s vice principal, Mr. Chinedu R. Ajameh, thanked Dr. Ifinedo, Cape Breton University and everyone who made the gift possible. “Obodeti Secondary Commercial School has finally joined the Information Age and with the access to computers, it is indeed the beginning of better things for our students,” says Ajameh. “We understand the value of these computers and their potential to connect our students with others around the world,” says Mr. Taiye Ozah, CDC Chairman.

If anyone is interested in donating used laptops to secondary schools in Nigeria, contact Dr. Ifinedo directly at princely_ifinedo@cbu.ca  (Tel: 902 563 1227).