CBU Presidential Search On Track

Robert Sampson, Chair of the Search Committee tasked with the job of recommending the next president to the CBU Board of Governors, says that the committee’s work is continuing as scheduled.

“The presidential search process for a university president is quite involved,” says Sampson. “The process is heavily weighted toward public consultation. In our particular case, we are very mindful that the selection is important for not only our university, but also for the Cape Breton community. For this reason, we wanted to ensure the consultation process was very broad.”

Since the process began, the committee has received feedback from more than 200 people who responded to the on-line survey, approximately 100 people who have been interviewed by the consultant, and from town hall sessions attended by internal stakeholders and the general public. With that feedback, the committee was able to identify key traits and experiences it should be seeking in the next president of CBU.

The committee has now advertised the opportunity nationally and has been receiving a strong level of interest in the presidency of Cape Breton University. “At this point we are working with our consultant to finalize the pool of candidates and narrow the focus to a short list of candidates who will then be interviewed,” says Sampson.

The critical path for the process required the Search Committee to file its report and recommendation with the CBU Board of Governors by January 31, 2018. According to Sampson, “There is nothing on the horizon at this point that causes me any concern about the Committee’s ability to meet its reporting deadline. Further updates will be issued as the process evolves.”